Build your Own Poké Bowl

Choose your Rice

White • Brown • Hawaiian Style (No Rice More Fish +$4)

Choose Size

Lil Daddy - $8         • 1 extra special topping

Big Daddy - $11    • 2 extra special toppings

Choose your Fish 

Ahi Tuna • Salmon

•• Veggie's••

Are these okay inside? 

Green onions • White onions • Ginger • Cucumber • Sesame Seeds

Choose your Extra Special Topping

Avocado, mushrooms, watermelon, mango’s, carrots, seaweed, chinese sprouts, charred pineapples, jalapeños, radish, kimchi, orange segments, cilantro, kale, celery, Macad. nuts Pistachio nuts, & Wasabi Peas

New Acai Bowl Made to order!

(home made granola, Berries, bananas, strawberries, & honey)

Small $6 Large $8

​The king of the superfruit jungle is this tiny purple palm fruit called açaí. A staple food for the local Amazonians, açaí is rich in antioxidants (specifically anthocyanins like those found in red wine) and healthy fats similar to olive oil, plus it has no sugar.